Игорь ВоробьёвДарья Дулина


Mason Group Senior Architect – Igor Vorobyov

Igor Vorobyov

Senior Architect

In 2004 he graduated from the Rostov State Academy of Architecture and Art. Work in one of the leading workshops of St. Petersburg with the masters of the architectural school of the northern capital, largely formed the professional qualities of Igor, determined the priorities in creative development.

A few years of co-authorship in the architecture and design studio “Proforma”, founded in New York by the famous producer, architect and artist, St. Petersburg Dmitry Strizhov — the period of creation of modern architectural forms and elegant interiors for creative bohemia.

About his approach to design, Igor himself says: “With each new project I try to contribute to modern architecture and design, working in modern styles and applying the most technological solutions. I constantly follow new trends and requirements, strive to approach the design systematically, applying advanced energy-saving technologies, the most high-quality and environmentally friendly materials, while maintaining the main priority of harmony and expressiveness of architecture and design.”

Mason Group Architect – Daria Dulina

Daria Dulina


She graduated from St. Petersburg State University of Technology and Design, specializing in the design of spatial environment in 2013. During her studies she studied at major architectural bureaus.
After graduating from university, due to his dedication and sincere interest in the profession, he becomes the leading architect. For several years as an architect, Daria managed to work on the creation of integrated development projects and on individual projects of private households, including the development of interior design and furniture.

Full immersion in the upcoming project, a detailed study of customer needs and an understanding of all the nuances — one of the key features of the approach to their work, a talented architect Daria Dulin. Avoiding standard solutions, based on the interests and preferences of their customers, Daria creates unique spaces that are well thought out, functional and beautiful.