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Mason is a group of architectural and construction companies specializing in the design and construction of premium level facilities.

Mason group is guided by simple and clear principles of honesty and openness of partnership, sincere interest in their work, growth of professionalism, care and attention to the needs of their clients, throughout the lifetime of the implemented project. In the metaphysical sense, we are constantly striving for harmony, creation and beauty, in all its manifestations.

Mason group is also a team of creative, caring professionals. The coherence of actions, processes verified by many years of practice, a high level of responsibility and skill, full dedication to the beloved work, allow us to implement complex and extraordinary projects within a specified period, while respecting a high level of quality.




The architecture, less than other types of human activity, is subject to the transient influence of fashion trends. Many innovators in this field, were rejected by their contemporaries, rethinking of their creativity and recognition, came later years.

Today we are increasingly trying to adapt to nature, rather than subordinate it. This trend is also reflected in architecture — it ceases to be an elaborate and alien monument to human achievement. Now, more and more often, architects are trying to make their projects invisible, integrated into the landscape, to use natural materials and energy-saving technologies.



The pledge of the successful implementation of any serious object, be it a cottage, a manor, or a country residence is a thorough and integrated design of all structures, elements, components and systems. Not every construction company has sufficient knowledge, experience and resources for competent and qualified design organization.

Mason group prepares all sections of the project with the help of its own specialists, or, before starting construction, conducts its own expert review of project documentation of outside organizations, acting as curator and executive in charge. Mason group engineers are able to design and implement home life support systems of any complexity and scale.



The organization of the construction process requires a lot of experience and knowledge of many specialists. The search for the best suppliers, manufacturers, the ability to accurately estimate the cost of construction, complete the object within the schedule, carry out quality control, and promptly solve numerous organizational issues. All this is a serious challenge even for a professional and well-coordinated team. A dozen years of development of the key activities of the Mason group allow us to assert that we can solve problems of any level of complexity, both in the production of general construction works and in the installation of complex engineering systems.



In many ways, preferences in the choice of architectural direction, set the tone and design of the internal space. When an architect and a designer work as a team, this ensures the stylistic unity of all the creative ideas of the project. When design solutions take into account the technological features of engineering solutions, this allows you to create comfortable and thoughtful interior.

The ability to organize effective interaction in groups of architects, designers and engineers, one of the core competencies of the Mason group. One of the most striking examples of unity of style, architecture and interior, was a residence in the village of Lisiy Nos



Landscape design — the final stage of construction. The very idea of building a country house involves the organization of the habitat, where you can switch and take a break from the bustle of the metropolis, create your own unique ecosystem with the help of landscape design tools. The landscape architect of the Mason group will develop a project for planning the local area, taking into account the terrain and geological features of the site, will think over the organization of play zones, places for joint leisure activities, and places for private pastime.



After completion of all stages of construction, we not only transfer to the customer a fully ready for use and decorated house, but also carry out a set of measures for the maintenance of the maintenance and life support of the building. Specialists of the company will take care of the maintenance of the local area, provide scheduled maintenance and replacement of consumables of engineering systems, eliminate the consequences of breakdowns and malfunctions, prevent emergency situations during periods of absence of owners.


Mason Group CEO – Ron Rostami

Ron Rostami

Mason Group Architect – Daria Dulina

Daria Dulina

Mason Group Commercial Director – Alexander Burilov
Commercial Director

Alexander Burilov

Mason Group Project Manager – Viktor Lukyanchikov
Project Manager

Viktor Lukyanchikov

Mason Group Managing partner – Roman Shulika
Managing partner

Roman Shulika

Mason Group – Igor Vorobyov
Senior Architect

Igor Vorobyov

Mason Group IT Engineer – Andrew Paranichev
IT Engineer

Andrew Paranichev

Mason Group Civil Engineer – Alexander Landyshev
Civil Engineer

Alexander Landyshev

Mason Group Civil Engineer – Oleg Ivanov
Civil Engineer

Oleg Ivanov

Mason Group Head of Construction – Andrew Yudin
Head of Construction

Andrew Yudin

Mason Group Account Manager – Elena Letunovskaya
Account Manager

Elena Letunovskaya

Mason Group Commercial Department Specialist – Andrew Mikhaylov
Commercial Department Specialist

Andrew Mikhaylov

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Mason Group Instagram photo
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Mason Group Instagram photo
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Mason Group Instagram photo
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Mason Group Instagram photo
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Mason Group Instagram photo
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Mason Group Instagram photo
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Mason Group Instagram photo
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